Des nouvelles du jour

Installation - LCD screens, metal frame - 2010
Flavien Théry collaboration with Fred Murie

Des nouvelles du jour is a digital window that propose to watch the outside world through information flows. This piece is made of translucent LCD screens and interprets continuous informations titles to create a colorful magma filtering the view outside.

This piece was produced by Ars Longa Gallery and Arcadi in 2010. It was shown in May at the Galerie Ars Longa, Paris, and in November at the Carré Amelot, La Rochelle for intervalles2 show.

The light is the vector of most of the information from our environment, from closest to farthest. Without it, how we make a representation of the world? The window is thus the perfect metaphor for the eye, as an interface between our inner world and the world.

The Gothic windows were, themselves, serve to transform sunlight into spiritual light, by loading a message-image, bringing the divine presence in the churches.

But now that God has deserted our consciences, what message, what faith can we still live? Faith in progress? Faith in humanity? Do our dependence on information in all its forms find its origin in the loss of this "presence"?

Should we see in the digital display, now ubiquitous, the technological equivalent of a window that could deliver all the messages, promising instant and universal knowledge, and connecting us to a new supra-human entity?

Project: Des nouvelles du jour, intends to give form to these questions by creating an electronic window, consisting of 4 large LCD screens, modified to become transparent to light, and assembled by the video wall through a metal structure evoking the pellets used to assemble the windows.

Integrated into the architecture of the exhibition venue, this window is a real electronic window, allowing a look at the outside (on the reality of the day, here and now), at the same time it broadcast real-time flow Internet news, translated in graphic form by encryption algorithms.

These sequences decompose the surface of the window, and thus the image seen from outside through it, into multiple fractions or colored shapes, like the different pieces of stained glass.

This installation result in a telescoping between a hyper-reality and global information, the digital display changing status to become a filter, giving us literally see the world through information.

But this information that the chatter is no more readable, preserving for meaning its update in real time, connecting us to the present of mankind, and stating of our membership that above.

Voir le jour ... Have some nouvelles du jour, the light that tells us if we can hear it, we are so intensely alive ...


  • 4 LCD metal frame 200x120 cm
  • Computer and splitter
  • Microphone
  • Structure dressing by location (wall, formwork, ...)

Flavien Théry creates objects and installations that are provided with devices allowing a carving of light. This is seen as a shared reality between a phenomenon independent and our own conscience. It is a sign of presence, as temporal and material sense, an energy made visible, forming an image of life: "what can be extinguished."