Métamoulin #3

Interactive installation and mobile application
Fred Murie | 2014

Métamoulin # 3 is a data channel that passes through the real space. Composed of 42 statistical phrases, text sculpts and runs a circular tube that emerges from a right angle. The album is part of a series of métamoulins: spoken word in a form, form animated by a word.

Install the version for android smartphones and tablets from Google Play:


Whether in the form of interactive or mobile installation, Métamoulin # 3 involves the body of the spectator in the exhibition space. Indeed, the toroidal shape that is projected in the corner of a room is revealed only from a certain point of view. Following a principle of anamorphosis, visitors will browse the site to see the emergence of the virtual object in real space.

But this volume consisting of letters and numbers as projected in a semantic space. The sentences altered by perspective and reflect the speed of flow measurement or quantity on a stream. This data selection evokes the movements that run through our body and the world in which it operates.