Métamoulin #1

Interactive installation and mobile application
Fred Murie | 2014

Métamoulin # 1 is a wormhole, that is to say, a bridge across the space-time. Broken down into 42 paradoxical phrases, text sculpts and runs a tunnel that regenerates indefinitely. The album is part of a series of métamoulins: spoken word in a form, form animated by a word.

Install the version for android smartphones and tablets from Google Play:


Whether in the form of interactive installation or mobile application, Métamoulin # 1 involves the body of the viewer at the heart of this space. It is thus caught up in a structure that seems to cross it. It can go with this envelope advancing slowly and turns on itself in a constantly renewed cycle.

But this volume of letters, words also projects in a semantic space. He expects or seeks the views that will allow him best to access a shuffle sentences altered by perspective and movement. The words which then reveal collapse on themselves, contradict speaking moments we expanded to infinity and eternity reduced to a point.