Sonar Spectrum

Interactive installation - Alveolar cab, LCD screens, sound capture - 2011
Fred Murie & Flavien Théry - Bouillants #4, Art Rock

The Project Sonar Spectrum associates voice and vision to plunge visitors into a intimate sensory experience. Isolated in a cabin, he discovers this synesthesic disorder and reach another mode of perception: by his emitted voice, he receives the vision.

Sight is a passive process that connects us to the world. Voice is an action that commits our body. Creating a visual echo to the voice destabilizes the visitor by making him an actor of his vision. This hybridization extends the potential of his body and change his perception of reality.

The project takes the shape of an interactive installation offering the visitor to isolate himsefl in a cabin that opens to the world by the action of his voice. The 4 large LCD of the structure are modified to filter the view of reality by digital information. Imagine looking through a slide... in motion and with the size of a window. Thus, when the visitor enters the matrix, he finds himself blind, listening to his body. But the slightest sound opens a breach in the cabin. The sound waves are captured, analyzed and processed to create a synchronized filter.

For the visitor in immersion, the digital envelope of the cab reacts as a new sensory organ, a second skin, and the visitor hears watching his own mutation. To the visitor approaching, the cabin appears to be an enigmatic entity waiting to be embodied.

The Project Sonar Spectrum is an interactive installation created by Fred Murie and Flavien Théry for the festival Bouillante # 3.

Exhibitions :

Flavien Théry creates objects and installations that are provided with devices allowing a carving of light. This is seen as a shared reality between a phenomenon independent and our own conscience. It is a sign of presence, as temporal and material sense, an energy made visible, forming an image of life: "what can be extinguished."