Interactive installation and mobile application
Fred Murie | 2014

Métavoix is an experiment to record the voice of the viewer in a common word.

The installation follows the project of residence of the writer Frédérique NIOBEY, initiated by the Regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (DRAC) of Britain and Books and reading in Britain in a fight against illiteracy program. The texts come from writing workshops conducted in Morlaix on the theme of voice, here are randomly distributed to compose a form that evokes a book. But it is by default closed.

A microphone, placed at the center of the space, invites the viewer to interact with the projection. At the slightest sound, the collection opens and reveals the phrases that scroll and overlap following the curve of the pages. Issued by his voice, he can access the reading of the polyphonic choir made up of memories and reflections on the voice.

Texts: Midori, Sandrine, Therese, Izabella, Nathalie, Florence, Helen, John Paul, Christine, Nadia, Nicole Henriette Anne-Laure, Rachel, Maria, Olivier, Joëlle, Jacques, Antoinette, Nathalie, Adele, Yvette Jeanne, Yvonne, Patrick, Germaine, Marie-Thérèse, Nicole, Meritxell Day, Dominica, Annie, Christelle, Jeannine.

Install the version for android smartphones and tablets from Google Play: