Métamoulin #2

Interactive installation and mobile application
Fred Murie | 2014

Métamoulin # 2 forms a perpetual wave that would have kept the memory of the body for bathing. Broken down into 42 infinitive phrases, text sculpts and conducts a surface undulates and regenerates indefinitely. The album is part of a series of métamoulins: spoken word in a form, form animated by a word.

Install the version for android smartphones and tablets from Google Play:


Whether in the form of interactive installation or mobile application, Métamoulin # 2 involves the body of the viewer face to this space. It is so overwhelmed by a wave that seems to cross it. With its movement, it can fly or dive under the wave whose luminescent material evokes a swarm of aquatic fireflies.

These letters agree to produce words that project the viewer into a semantic space. From a point of view against-dived, he can finally access a shuffle sentences altered by perspective and movement. The words which then show each outline an experience, sometimes common, always striking, body feeling the contact with water.