Interactive installation - Ground projection, body detection, interactive table - 2012
Diapason, Rennes 1 University, with Bouillants #4

Proxemics question our relationship with others and the space that we share by revealing intimate borders and confronting them with an artificial boder. Real and imaginary, immutable and fluctuating borders unite one and separate from other. Natural and arbitrary, intimate and political, they articulate the tensions and exchanges between individuals. Through a dual system: a projection in public space and a remote control station, the installation imposes borders and proposes to control them.

Proxemics is the study of relationships between man and space in which it operates. The analyzes and theories developed by Edward T. Hall in The Hidden Dimension, suggest the distances of each living being, the cultural dimension of our world view and the influence of the environment on our behavior.

The installation includes the passers by revealing their hidden dimension. The bubbles interact to emphasize the intimate presence of the other, while a line defines space and creates a bond between individuals. Meanwhile, in a control room, an interactive table provides a representation of this population flow and allows the visitor to act on it. Such an instance of power, it monitors and seeks to control our movements. As a researcher - or a child - he can invent experiments and analyze the behavior of its laboratory mice. Trapped and taken to the game, they avoid each other and come together around the border. Thus, the project Proxemics draws space between identity and otherness to imagine the borders that distinguish us as long as they connect us.


The project has received support from the University of Rennes 1 through the human and financial involvement of its  cultural office and a subsidy to ESIR students.
Thanks to espace Bouillants#4 to host this exhibition and open the 2012 season.


Workshop at Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Rennes : Gregg Cesarine, Tristan David-Tillon, Antoine Delmas, Marc Duval, Antoine Gobin, Pierre-Jean Hellaudais, Jean-Louis Meuriot, Delphine Mifsud, Benedicte Nouyou, Charlie Poyac and Zelda Salvi.
Sound installation by students of Master Arts et Technologies Numériques : Alexandre Berthaud and Hamdi Chahed.

Graphico-algorithmic research