The mask

Installation - way mirror, digital frame, base - 2010

Lean to look at your reflection. A mask awaits. Adjust it to your face, and it's someone else that you see, between you and me. But beware, this mask has the power to remain embedded forever. Do not smile, I'm living proof. For this face has not always been mine.
This piece was created for the exhibition intervalles2.

Again, this is a disturbing physical experience that is proposed to the visitor. The face of the watcher is weathered by the gaze of the watched. And this animated face seems to be looking through the watcher with his eyes. While the watcher becomes the wached watched.
The visitor will land there the issue of identity, relationship to another, its temporal continuity? Who between him or his reflection can answer?
The work in question or the answer to the work.


  • base: 50x50cm, height 80cm
  • way mirror 50x50cm
  • Digital Photo Frame 15''
  • Video
  • Light beam