Exhibition - Network of digital and interactive pieces - La Rochelle - 2010
Fred Murie, with the collaboration of Flavien Théry

The exhibition intervalles² unfolds in Carré Amelot installing a network of digital, visual and interactive works. From the lobby to the multimedia room, crossing the different levels, warned spectator and passing people, sail between myth and reality. As for the curious visitor, here he discovers a true perspective of this exhibition and will participate in spite of himself to the work entitled En deçà.

From the cellar to the attic, the child invents worlds, his world. The common space is a theater of shadows and light which is projected beyond a desire. A window becomes a digital stained glass*, a lamp reveals beneath, the ground is punctuated signals, the reflections come to life, heaven we fall on our head.

The exhibits are integrated into the environment to disturb our vision of reality and reveal other facets. Much like an oxymoron, they play with the contrast, not to represent a binary world, but for a glimpse of its complexity. Thus, the objections above / below, inside / outside, real / virtual art and technology, artist / viewer ... are considered as pairs separated by a distance. And in this interval that lies their possible encounter.

* Des nouvelles du jour was created by Flavian Théry, with the collaboration of Fred Murie, and produced by Ars Longa Gallery and Arcadi.

Flavien Théry creates objects and installations that are provided with devices allowing a carving of light. This is seen as a shared reality between a phenomenon independent and our own conscience. It is a sign of presence, as temporal and material sense, an energy made visible, forming an image of life: "what can be extinguished."

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