The flood

Interactive installation - Projection on frosted plexiglass, interactive flush - 2010

The flood is a shower of light and images that proposes to revisit the classics in a digital perspective. This interactive installation intends to position the visitor between an art of revelation and his consumption of art.
This piece was created for the exhibition intervalles2.

Visitor is invited to place himself under a moving image, suspended in space. Head up, he looks a representation of heaven painted by a master of the Italian Renaissance. The frame moves slowly through the ceiling, revealing the details of the masterpiece. A handle suspended to a cord oscillates at his side. By pulling it, he triggers the appearance of a gray sky from where the rain falls that soon disturbs the projection plate. By releasing it, he's flooded with light before finding out a new trompe l'oeil.

Art is like light, it is made of continuity and ruptures. Renaissance is the period that best illustrates this phenomenon and represents for many the epitome of art. Modern era and digital era constitute new breaks in this story. Thus, the contemporary pilgrim in Florence may wonder what Michelangelo connects to Duchamp. Art of yesterday and today seem to diverge. The flood plays with contrast in the manner of an oxymoron, not to represent a binary world, but to glimpse its complexity. Thus, the oppositions up/down, dark/light, banal/divine ... are seen as pairs separated by a distance. And this is in this range that they can meet.


  • Video projector
  • Computer and speaker
  • Plexisglass 100x75cm suspended by nylon thread
  • Handle and cord connected to a switch and a wireless mouse