Interactive installation - Ground projection, interactive torch - 2010

A river runs through the underground of old arsenal of La Rochelle. It seems to be linked to the Internet. Indeed, recent excavations have revealed the presence of organisms feeding on connections to a web space, the site of the exhibition intervalles2.

Each of these aquatic fireflies live in symbiosis with a surfer. A simple connection to that page creates an avatar, a firefly that increases with duration of visits. If the user is connected, the firefly lights up, otherwise it sits almost extinct at the bottom of the river.
This dig site is bounded by some planks on the ground floor of the Carré Amelot. But only an
infrared flashlight  can reveal the existence of the river and these digital organisms.
The visitor is invited, upstream, to colonize this microcosm, and downstream, to experiment an
mythological excavation.


  • Video projector
  • Computer, Wi-Fi
  • Wii Remote Controllers
  • Flashlight and Laser Infrared
  • Boards Construction