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Sonar Spectrum

Interactive installation - Alveolar cab, LCD screens, sound capture - 2011
Fred Murie & Flavien Théry - Bouillants #4, Art Rock

The Project Sonar Spectrum associates voice and vision to plunge visitors into a intimate sensory experience. Isolated in a cabin, he discovers this synesthesic disorder and reach another mode of perception: by his emitted voice, he receives the vision.

Des nouvelles du jour

Installation - LCD screens, metal frame - 2010
Flavien Théry collaboration with Fred Murie

Des nouvelles du jour is a digital window that propose to watch the outside world through information flows. This piece is made of translucent LCD screens and interprets continuous informations titles to create a colorful magma filtering the view outside.


Exhibition - Network of digital and interactive pieces - La Rochelle - 2010
Fred Murie, with the collaboration of Flavien Théry

The exhibition intervalles² unfolds in Carré Amelot installing a network of digital, visual and interactive works. From the lobby to the multimedia room, crossing the different levels, warned spectator and passing people, sail between myth and reality. As for the curious visitor, here he discovers a true perspective of this exhibition and will participate in spite of himself to the work entitled En deçà.

fred murie point net


Between 2007 and 2009, the site www.fredmurie.net became the exhibition space of my work

Curriculum Vitae

Online application - 2006

This auto-fiction is a representation of my previous work and has been shown in Vidéoformes festival, Clermont-Ferrand in 2006

au fil du fer

Exhibition - Online application - 2006

The exhibition in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande in 2006 is extend by a digital representation which is it-self an exposure...


Multimedia workshop network - online interface - 2005

Collective network that proposes a strange and poetic stroll in the heart of Rennes city, shown in "Envie de ville" in 2005

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